Girls Squirting – 3 Milfs & a Guy
Girls Squirting

3 MILF’s & a Guy – Girls Squirting

Sara, Holly and Charlee were being grateful to another for all those great cooking recipes and ideas while enjoying a day at the beach together, when out of the blue, a prince charming crosses near them by – one of the girls gets the idea of seducing this young man “just like in college”. What you’re watching is 3 well formed women and a well built random prince charming who was happening to walk by near these girls. And these girls look to fool around and he’s trying to make the best of it. Two blondes and a brunette start taking advantage of him sexually. Seeing these girls squirting will only get you aroused more.

They each take their turn with the young stud and a little orgy starts taking into place. They make sure this guy gets all the attention he deserves, from hardcore blowjobs to awesome 69’s, basically anything goes as long as it gets these girls squirting. This sensual foursome gets you horny in an instant as these 3 hot busty girlfriends switch different positions between eachother, mixing and diversifying the entire sexual atmosphere.

By the time you’ve seen half of the video, you’ll start to realize these women know what they’re actually doing. These girls squirting, they know what they want, how they want it and for how long. I must admit though, the video gets more satisfying as the brunette female takes her turn with the young stud and he then proves to be a bit more possessive, more controlling with her.

3 Girls MILF Squirting & a Guy Make Her Squirt Make Her Squirt.


The Squirting Queen Catherine is definitely the queen of squirt. Treat her like your mistress on this journey of squirt and ask her if you want to know anything.

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