How to Squirt – Hot Blonde Toying Makes Herself Squirt
How to Squirt - Hot Blonde Toying squirts

How to Squirt

The video starts with Vanessa, a gorgeous looking tattooed blonde, wearing a school outfit, black panties and no bra, who is showing off people basically how to squirt by bringing her favourite sexual toy with her: that silicone dildo. But Vanessa is looking for more, she’s looking for the real deal when she means to pleasure herself: this one’s the quickest I saw to get aroused so much! This school girl is having a blast , I’m telling you!

She can surprise an audience! With those ferm breasts, rounded ass and “emotional” pussy, Vanessa can get me horny in a flash! I had no idea school girls have such an “sensitive” any receptive pussy, yes, you’ve heart it. This video has just made my day! I would’ve loved to see more of these seductive how to squirt videos, this one really got me in the mood.

But you know, girls like Vanessa are kind of hard to find. It requires a certain degree of relaxation, in combination with the ability to enjoy the spur of the moment. Girls like Vanessa have learned to how to first feel good by enjoying herself, experiencing more sexual diversities, both on your own but also with your sexual partner. Girls like Vanessa have learned how to please themselves and their partners at the same time. Just finish watching the rest of the video and you’ll see what orgasms and feelings this girls experiences! I even bet you this video is being used as starting point for all of you gals out there that are looking for inspirational videos on how to squirt!


The Squirting Queen Catherine is definitely the queen of squirt. Treat her like your mistress on this journey of squirt and ask her if you want to know anything.

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