Female Orgasm – Hot Squirting with Tyna and Joey
female orgasm squirting

Female Orgasm with Tyna & Joey – Super Squirt

On the living room armchair, Tyna and Joey are having sex in a position that’s similar to the Missionary. There might not be any special tantric effect to this information but Tyna here is a very special girl. It seems Joey has found Tyna’s G spot because she’s about to have the most awesome female orgasm this website has ever seen. Multiples, in fact. Tyna has had one straight from this video’s first minute – that’s literally a super female orgasm and quite frankly, you can tell how intense is the sex they’re experiencing by all the moaning Tyna’s making. Straight from the first 50 seconds of the video, Tyna can show for real just how special her female orgasm is.

Tyna’s ability of feeling pleasure is amazing. It’s this ability that’s pushing her out of that armchair and wets the camera’s lenses, not Joey. You can think of Joey as a handyperson because the real treat here is this girl’s gifted female orgasm that’s out of the ordinary, unseen and unmet before. At some point, Joey’s merely touching her and she’s already about to squirt again in just a minute and a half of the video. That’s how sensitive her precious gift is.

They decide to change positions a bit as Tyna’s standing up on her white high heels and Joey reaches her from behind, in a more doggy-style similar sex position. By the half of the video, Tyna’s feelings next to all that body sweat, are being visually shown through a river of happy juice, almost continuously. Joey then starts feeling she’s about to come, tries holding it in but he can’t do it for much longer. Neither does Tyna: she can’t stand on her own two feet anymore as Joey barely gives her a break – Tyna’s physical sexual emotions give you the impression the ground is being shaken up whenever she’s about to have that super female orgasm.


The Squirting Queen Catherine is definitely the queen of squirt. Treat her like your mistress on this journey of squirt and ask her if you want to know anything.

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