Squirting That Day Was So Good – First Time Squirting
First Time Squirting Alisha

First Time Squirting

My name is Alisha and I am from Denver. I am going tell you a story which is around 1 month old and is about the first time I had a squirting orgasm – my first time squirting.  I was working in hospitality and my job was to please clients in the way that management taught us. While working I met with Alex. He is good looking, tall and muscular. One day I was sitting around at home when Alex messaged me on Face book and requested to meet him. After thinking and having a glance at the time, I invited him to come to my place. He quickly came over and we were just having some good conversation. I then asked him to wait for few minutes until I got a coffee for him.

While I was making a coffee for him, He suddenly came from behind and held me in a very sensual manner. At first, I resisted and told him to back off but he was just not listening to me. I angrily told him to go back in the room and he obeyed my order instantly. We were having the coffee when he put his hand on my butt. I was bit angry with him but it was a nice feeling. I was in one piece dress and he was just ogling my body and he smelled so good – I could feel my juices in my pussy already starting to flow and I remembered a story about my friend Kim and her first time squirting.

I got aroused quickly and he understood my feelings as well. He slowly removed my clothes and I buried all the shyness during that moment. I removed his boxers and put his 7 inches in my mouth while sitting on my toes. I was teasing his cock with my tongue and he was doing it passionately. I started striking his penis and he was moaning rigorously. He then started putting his fingers in my pussy. My pussy was very tight but he made it nice and wet with his saliva. I was moaning enormously and he started licking my body and pussy madly. He drank the salty juice and it was so good.  Little did I know that coming up was going to be my first time squirting.

Afterwards he lifts me up and started kissing all over my body. It was a mad feeling and we were into each other like there is no tomorrow. I was soon riding his cock and he was stroking real hard. Getting deeper and deeper, he was enjoying my helpless but full of pleasure face.

He was fucking me so hard that I started squirting – my first time squirting and I squirted really really hard but he kept fucking me as hard as he could making me squirt and squirt again. Again, I screamed and moaning..fuck fuck fuck, ahh ahh baby fuck. He increased the pace and started slamming my ass. After around 5 more minutes, he started saying baby..I am cuming and I said I was too. He said, let’s cum together. Within a single minute, I squirted on his body and he came in my soaking wet pussy. We were lying naked on the bed for 10 minutes and had cigarette to relax. After that, I told him that he is such a good fucker being able to make squirt so many times.  I will always remember my first time squirting.


The Squirting Queen Catherine is definitely the queen of squirt. Treat her like your mistress on this journey of squirt and ask her if you want to know anything.

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