How to make a girl squirt
How to make a girl squirt

How to make a girl squirt – Squirt Queen Catherine’s Story and 5 Tips

Back in 2001 not long after I had left school, I was feeling pretty down about my love life after being dumped by yet another guy, whilst not a jerk, he was a serial loser.  So in a way I was happy to be rid of him, but not happy that now before me laid a drought with no sex in sight.  Feeling anxious one night before heading out with the girls again on a pointless mission of trying to pick up guys, little did I know that I would meet a married man named Thomas who would show me exactly how to make a girl squirt.

I met Thomas at our usual hang out.  He was a sales rep for a nation wide company in Australia and travelled a lot (little did I know he fucked a lot too on his travels!) for his job which brought him this night to Sydney.  Having being at client meetings all day, he decided to skip dinner and to just come and relax at the bar we all hung out frequently.  For a while Thomas was quite stand off-ish but he still oozed confidence especially when I caught him every now and then sneaking quick glances in my direction.  We finally met at the bar where I offered to buy him a drink and we hit it off straight away.  – See our 5 tips below on how to make a girl squirt.

It wasn’t long before my friends had made a bee line for the door and headed home.  I told them I was ok and just wanted to keep chatting here with Thomas and would get a cab home later.  Thomas without being sleazy at all, certainly cut to the chase when he asked me about my love life.  I told him I had never even had an orgasm while being with a guy…only by my own hand and that I had been with only two guys in my life.  After a little more chit chat and just outright asked me if I wanted to have my first orgasm tonight with a guy.

You can only imagine how fast we exited the bar! Back at his hotel, Thomas was nothing more than a complete gentleman. Putting me at ease helped me relax more and was soon into every word he spoke and soon he was teaching me exactly how to make a girl squirt.

….story to be continued.

Five tips for How to make a girl squirt:

1. You have to get her relaxed and comfortable – otherwise she will hold back.  Don’t say anything negative and remind her of how hot she is.

2. Make she wants it…”warm her up a little” to the idea

3. Give her heaps of teasing and foreplay

4. Find her G spot

5. Stop to rub it slowly and gentle with two fingers in a “come here” motion…as though you were calling someone over with two fingers.

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The Squirting Queen Catherine is definitely the queen of squirt. Treat her like your mistress on this journey of squirt and ask her if you want to know anything.

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