How to Make Women Squirt
how to make her squirt

How to Make Women Squirt

Andrea is this young new girl looking to get a massage, quietly waiting for someone to take care of her needs. A man walks into the room.But frankly, this guy looks more likea magician, rather than a massage boy, you’ll see what I mean. He’s this young stud  who has just started meeting this brand new brunette that is still waiting in the massage room while carefully sitting on the white bed, waiting for the man with the magical hands to appear. And he’s just awesome – now that’s a man that knows how to make women squirt, indeed!

He soon joins her and slowly starts rubbing her perfect breasts, getting closer and closer to her pussy. And she’s enjoying every minute of it, as you can tell from all the sounds she’s making! I don’t know if his real day job is learning how to make women squirt but this guy then decides to take it to the next level, right on the spot and doggy style seems to be his signature!

The atmosphere gets so hot, so oily and so intense as Andrea climbs on top of him! She’s clearly into this tantric massage session! They’re both having a great time, as you can notice from their body language. I wonder if by doing all of these erotic massages, this guy gained all of his experiences so far with how to make women squirt. And, like a cherry on top of your favourite cake, he releases himself into this gorgeous blonde’s mouth towards the end of the video!


The Squirting Queen Catherine is definitely the queen of squirt. Treat her like your mistress on this journey of squirt and ask her if you want to know anything.

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