Liberated – Chapter One

Liberated – Melissa learns how to Squirt and take her Female Orgasm to a new height

Chapter 1

“Okay take a nice inhale here…and exhale out…come to centre and bring your chin to your chest rolling all the way up.” Melissa instructed the room full of beginners as she wrapped up her evening Yoga class. She was glad that her long day was finally ending, but she knew that she needed to hurry and get home. Yoga was a small part-time thing that she’d been doing for a while now, but oil painting and nude sketching was her true passion, and there was a very important piece with a tight deadline sitting in her art studio that was due in two days, and it still needed a lot of work.

“You all did a great job today. We’ll be here again tomorrow evening same time, so if you can come out, please bring a friend.” Melissa smiled at her class and then dismissed them. As everyone went their way, picking up Yoga mats and cleaning up any mess that had been made during the workout, Melissa gathered her things and prepared to leave as well. She walked down the long winding stairs of Nautical Gym preparing to call it a night, but then she suddenly remembered that she hadn’t done any strength lifting that week at all, and so at the last minute she decided to hit up the weight room for about 15 minutes.

“How was your class?” Her co-worker Liz asked as Melissa crossed in front of the front receptionist desk.

“It went great today actually. Larry didn’t show up so thankfully everything went much smoother than normal,” Melissa told Liz chuckling at the thought of Larry. She started dreading Tuesday evening Yoga classes because usually Larry, an overweight man in his 60s, attended those classes, and between his farting, and his whining about not being able to fully complete the Yoga moves, he was a true distraction. Liz threw her long hair over one shoulder, and bunched her eyebrows in thought.

“Actually, Larry didn’t come to my class yesterday either.” She told Melissa. Liz taught cycling classes at Nautical, and she’d become quite fond of the man herself. Melissa hoped he wasn’t quitting on his workout regime again, and made a mental note to call and check on him.

“Wow I wonder who those are for.” Melissa turned her head in the direction of Liz’s eyes towards a delivery man who was walking up with a flower delivery. The ladies watched him come closer and closer, both racking their brains to figure out who could be getting flowers at this time of the evening.

“Is there a Melissa Tanner here?” The guy asked, as he made his way up to the front desk with the massive bouquet. Melissa turned towards the man stunned that he’d asked for her.

“Actually, this is Melissa Tanner,” Liz informed him, motioning towards her co-worker and smiling brightly at the beautiful arrangement of red roses. The delivery man turned to Melissa, a smile on his face as he presented the bouquet of flowers to her. With a frown settling on her face, she didn’t reciprocate his smile as she grabbed the little card and read the message to confirm her assumptions.

“No thank-you, send them back,” she told him coldly. Her mood suddenly shifting for the worse.

“Excuse me?”

“Send them back please. And make sure that he knows I didn’t accept them.” She told him before walking off towards the weight room. She couldn’t believe her ex-boyfriend Dennis still had the nerve to send her flowers. They’d been broken up for two months now, and she’d tried to make it perfectly clear to him that she wasn’t interested anymore, but he wouldn’t stop calling her and he wouldn’t stop sending her emails. She was starting to get frustrated with Dennis and she didn’t know what else she could do to get him to understand that she was done with him for good.

As she walked into the weight room she was pleased to see that it wasn’t too crowded. Usually at this time of the day the gym was full of people who’d just gotten off from work and wanted to sneak in a workout before heading home. She made her way straight over to the shoulder press machine, and set her weight before diving in, hoping her workout would get her mind off of her ex. Dennis had been a great guy in the beginning of their relationship, and Melissa had even thought of him as marriage material at one point, but after five years of his nagging, complaining, and just all around negativity, Melissa called it quits with him. She’d hung in there with him for four years too long, and she knew that at 33 years of age, her biological clock was ticking faster and faster. She wanted a family, but she wasn’t going to settle in a relationship that she would never be happy in just for the sake of having children. She’d grown up watching her mother ignore the red flags of the countless men that she’d dated after Melissa’s father left them years ago, and she vowed never to make that same mistake.

Melissa pumped iron to the sound of the music playing through the speakers above, and she was completely into the burn of her arms until she glanced up and her eyes caught on to someone who made her heart skip a beat. Never being the kind of girl who considered herself boy crazy, she usually didn’t give handsome men a second glance, but strangely enough there was something about this man that seemed to take her breath away. Watching him, she was completely intrigued and unable to refocus her eyes away from every inch of his smooth perspired skin. He was such a beautiful man to her, and while she went on with her next set she kept watching him pump weight, admiring the definition and shape of his muscular upper body.

Melissa had never found herself attracted to a complete stranger, but there was something about him that caused her curiosity to burst. She shook her head and tried to move on with her thoughts, but her eyes continually disobeyed her mind. As she moved on to her next machine, she used the mirror on the wall to watch him behind her. He worked out hard, pumping 45 pound dumbbells so fiercely that even Melissa unconsciously began to workout at his pace. Her eyes travelled all the way down the mirrored image of his body, and she broke out in a wide grin at the fact that he was lifting weights in cowboy boots.

When the man finished his last set of bicep curls, he grabbed his dark blue plastic water bottle, and while he drank, Melissa climbed off of her machine and decided that she wanted to use free weights instead. After all, they did allow her a better variety of workouts. She approached the bench right next to the gorgeous man and took a seat on the red cushioned weight bench after grabbing two 25 pound dumbbells, and proceeded to work out her biceps as well. She tried to steal glances at him, but she didn’t want him to notice that she was watching him, so she remained very careful. After completing a set, she sat the weight down near her feet and rested, nodding her head slightly to the beat playing around them.

“So do you like what you see?” Her workout neighbour asked, finishing up his last few reps. Melissa’s words got caught in her throat for a moment as she struggled to figure out how to answer such a flirtatious question.

“Excuse me?” She asked, trying to buy herself some time to get her response together.

“Oh, don’t act like you haven’t been watching me since the moment you walked in here. It’s obvious that you like what you see.” He told her, giving her a wide grin that revealed a nice set of dimples. Melissa chuckled at his observation of her and realised that she hadn’t been as discreet as she meant to be. She didn’t know whether to be attracted to his boisterous nature, or to play offended.

“It’s cool though. I like what I see too.” He winked at her through the mirror before going into a set of lunges. Melissa continued working out as well, but her mind was hardly focused on what she was doing. She was glad for a chance to get her words together, because she was sure that she looked like a babbling fool. She’d never been so wordless or tongue tied in the presence of a man, but this guy had her sitting there like a mute.

“You know, I’ll let you take me out if you want.” He continued, switching to the butterfly exercise to work out his chest muscles. His grunting from the intensity of the weight made Melissa bite her bottom lip. She had no clue what the hell was happening to her body at that moment, but it made her feel alive inside. Melissa had been a yoga instructor at Nautical Gym for over seven years now, so she was used to seeing sexy men, in fact this gym was where she met her ex-boyfriend, but this guy seemed to have some sort of magnetic field around him that forced her interest to overflow.

“You’ll let me take you out?” Melissa finally responded, an amused glare settled on her face.

“Yea. I wouldn’t mind seeing you again. Unfortunately, I’ll only be in town for one more day, so you’ll need to pick me up tonight.” He told her matter-of-factly. Melissa laughed out loud at him. She could already tell that he had a wonderful sense of humour and it was refreshing.

“So what if I’m busy tonight and I’m unable to take you out?” She asked him, standing to her feet to start a set of lunges herself.

“Well, if that’s the case then you’ll probably want to rearrange your schedule. See, the thing is, I’m a great catch. I’m funny, respectful, successful, and good looking. And I wouldn’t advise any woman to pass up an offer to take me out. So what do you say? You picking me up tonight?” He asked her, setting his dumbbells on the rack and facing her directly, wiping sweat from his face with his towel.

She stared at him for a moment before bravely responding, “Okay. Fine, I’ll rearrange whatever I had to do, but only if you can be ready by 8. And only if you promise me that you’re not some crazy, Craigslist killer type.” She watched his response at the accusation. He gave her a smirk but then quickly responded, “I promise. I’m totally sane, and totally safe.”

Accepting his answer she asked, “Where should I pick you up from?”

He went into the pocket of his gym shorts and pulled out a business card holder, giving her his card and address. She grabbed it and glanced at it. His name was Jack Siegle.

“Great. I’ll see you at eight.”

“I look forward to seeing you…. I didn’t catch your name.”

“Melissa…Melissa Tanner.”

“Melissa. I look forward to seeing you tonight.” He repeated before winking at her and walking away, using his gym towel to wipe the sweat from his face again. Melissa released a deep breath as she watched him saunter away. Everything about him was so perfect to her, and her nerves went crazy. She hadn’t been on a first date in almost a year, and she did not want to mess this up. She waited a few minutes before making her way to the women’s locker room to shower. It was already 6:00 PM, so she knew she needed to hurry and get herself home so that she could be presentable for their date.

“Are you out of here for the night?” Liz asked her as she passed back through the front.

“Yep! See you tomorrow girl!” Melissa responded, rushing through the building while trying to calm herself down.

Melissa didn’t live very far from her job, so she got home rather quickly, and as soon as she made her way through the door, she remembered that she had a major project due soon. She paced her bedroom floor, stripping out of her clothes, and began to reorder her work schedule in her head. There was no way that she was cancelling this date with Jack. She was not a big dater, so there was no telling when the opportunity would present itself again, and besides, he would only be in town for one more night.

She already knew exactly what she wanted to wear on her sporadic date with the handsome man, and after getting dressed, and pushing her long light brown hair up into a neat up-do, she had a glass of VOGA Italia Moscato. The alcohol was just to help her loosen up a little, and it did exactly what she intended it to do. Before she knew it, she was calm again, and ready to act on the undeniable chemistry that she shared with Mr. Jack Siegle.

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