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Liberated – Chapter One

“Okay take a nice inhale here…and exhale out…come to centre and bring your chin to your chest rolling all the way up.” Melissa instructed the room full of beginners as she wrapped up her evening Yoga class. She was glad that her long day was finally ending, but she knew that she needed to hurry and get home. Yoga was a small part-time thing that she’d been doing for a while now, but oil painting and nude sketching was her true passion, and there was a very important piece with a tight deadline sitting in her art studio that was due in two days, and it still needed a lot of work.

Squirting That Day Was So Good – First Time Squirting
First Time Squirting Alisha

My name is Alisha and I am from Denver. I am going tell you a story which is around 1 month old and is about the first time I had a squirting orgasm.