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In short, we publish a new short erotic story each week day and one longer story on a Saturday night.  Our blog specialises in erotic stories and videos about squirting.  We made this site to create a directory of squirting videos found on free tube porn sites and spiced them up with an erotic story…why?  We were bored and decided to do something a little different.  As these erotic squirt stories are published we will send you a notification of the new posting.  We will also let you know of any coming news, events, specials and exclusive content! etc. Most importantly, by registering you will be able to interact on the site, and we will soon add some more features to the site so that you can share, chat and interact with other members.  As well, your membership will ALWAYS be free – in the future we will introduce paid memberships so why not get in while the price is FREE!