We’d love you to submit your erotic story related to squirting.  Submission is easy – just use the form below. You must use your real name and email address if you want any chance of winning the story of the month. Any special message to us should be put at the top of the story so we see it first. If you are interested in writing a weekly ongoing story (a serial) please get in touch with a sample – we are looking for 5 weekly writers right now!

Stories published on our site will be credited to your user name or the pen name that you use in the story.

Each story must be at LEAST 500 words with no maximum – how ever long stories will be broken into parts.

We are looking for erotic stories related to squirting…no EXPLICIT stories – I hope you get the difference.

EACH story MUST contain a link to a freely available video which helped inspire you – video must contain squirting.  Find these at free porn tube sites.

Fantastic stories will be paid $10
The story of the month will be paid $50

Winners contacted at end of month.

The contact form below is NOT secure.  Do not send us anything private.

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